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You Can’t Lose with a Massage Gift Card!

What is the best gift you can give?  Something that special person wants!  How hard is that to find out?  With a Gift Card from Pace Massage & Spa you can NAIL it!  You just put the money on the card and they can choose the services THEY want!  YES! you don’t need to be a mind reader!  You win Big time!  This is easy on you and it give your love ones Exactly what they want!  Every One WINS!   You become a Hero! Oh, Don’t forget to add the tip! You don’t want them to come out of pocket for anything!

You just put a dollar amount on the card and let him or her get the services they want! No more running around and getting something they don’t want or need!

Pace Massage Gift Cards!
With our re-loadable Gift Credit Cards you can put any amount on the gift card and the user can check the balance at the store or you can go online and check it from the comfort of your home.  You can use the money on the card for any service in all four of our stores.  All sales are final and the card cannot be redeemed for cash.  “To be clear no refunds!”  The card balance can not be replaced if lost or stolen.

We are the best Massage and Spa in Pace!